Here are some key features of the proposed Minneapolis teachers contract:

Four more days in the classroom , with a commitment to discuss adding five more in the following year. Forty-hour duty week, up by 1.25 hours.

• Teachers in six low-performing schools show up for training four days earlier next fall, while those at 10 other schools vote on doing so.

Class-size targets of 21 students in grades kindergarten through third grade and 24 in grades four and five for low-performing schools.

Higher pay for beginning teachers, paid for by changes in how fast older teachers can get raises for experience and training.

Mutual consent required to assign teachers to low-performing schools if they're not assigned through normal placement.

• Changes to help teachers focus on teaching: two guaranteed 45-minute periods each week outside of class time for teacher prep; ombudsman to handle textbook or supply shortages; review of student assessments and outmoded initiatives.