An Eden Prairie man who pulled a gun on young Somali-Americans inside a McDonald's last year was sentenced Friday to time in the workhouse and three years' probation.

Lloyd E. Johnson, 55, will have to serve 45 days in the county workhouse and 24 days of community service.

Johnson pleaded guilty in March to one count of felony terroristic threats. The plea deal included a lifetime ban on possessing firearms.

"I felt I was treated less than a human being because of the color of my skin and my hijab," one victim said in a statement read by a victim advocate, according to a news release from the Hennepin County Attorney's Office.

Johnson's voice cracked as he said that his actions were not based on racism, the office said.

"I am just so sorry for putting these young people through this," he told the court, according to the news release.

Assistant Hennepin County Attorney Scott Haldeman asked for 90 days in the workhouse.

"It was not because he was hungry and frustrated but because he had a gun," Haldeman said. "A gun gives you the courage to do and say [things] that you wouldn't normally."

According to the criminal complaint: Johnson accused two young Somali-American women at a McDonald's on Prairie Center Drive of trying to use government-funded assistance to pay for their food.

A 45-second video of the incident went viral on Twitter.

Chao Xiong