The principal at Green Central Park Community School in south Minneapolis was abruptly placed on administrative leave.

Parents were notified Monday that Lorraine Cruz, who has led the school since 2013, would no longer be returning, but district officials are not saying why.

“Due to data privacy laws and out of respect for all parties involved, no additional information will be discussed regarding [Cruz],” said Michael Thomas, the district’s chief of schools, in a letter to parents.

Thomas said in the coming weeks there will be more details on “the process for selecting a permanent school leader."

This is the school’s second principal in two years.

The district also removed Catalina Salas in 2013 after strong racial tensions between the Latino and black communities in the school. At the time, the Minnesota Association of Black School Educators said there were allegations that Salas acted “like Hitler,” according to news reports. Latino parents felt they and the principal were being discriminated against.

Salas is now an assistant principal at Marcy Open School.

Cruz declined to comment. On the school’s website, Cruz writes that the first thing that she encountered when she arrived as a new principal was “a racially divided community."

Mayela De La Rosa, a parent at the school, said she is frustrated that the district isn’t giving parents an explanation for why Cruz was removed.

“If it’s something serious, why don’t they explain it to us,” De La Rosa said in an interview in Spanish. “We are frustrated because the district continues to disregard the needs of the children and families." 

(Photo of Lorraine Cruz)