You can say one thing about Prince: The guy still generates a lot of excitement whenever he walks into a room. Or at least he does when it's a room full of AARP-card-carrying women. Case in point came this morning, when the Purple Yoda made a surprise appearance -- and it really did look like a surprise to all the hosts besides Whoopi -- on ABC's "The View." Joy Behar was asking for advice on what to wear to an AARP ceremony (I'm not making this up) when Prince strutted out carrying a handful of tickets to next week's Madison Square Garden concerts. He was cool throughout the short appearance (no pun intended). Coolest of was when he boasted that his semi-new band "plays like a jackhammer." 

The word "jackhammer" might have been one of several dozen things to turn Sherri Shepherd into a salivating floozy over those three minutes. "You don't understand," she finally said, "I have wanted to make love to you for my whole life." Barbara Walters played it serious, not missing a chance to plug her "10 Most Fascinating People" special tonight by asking him for advice for her young interview subject Justin Bieber. Prince made the semi-backhanded suggestion for him to "pick up an instrument."


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