Prince’s Caribbean beach house has found a buyer, according to the Wall Street Journal. The music superstar, who died in 2016, bought the retreat about five years earlier on an island in the Turks and Caicos. The property includes a six-bedroom, 10,000-square-foot house on 6 acres set on a peninsula. There’s also a tennis court, a marina, two private beaches, a gatehouse and multiple cabanas.

The Purple One splashed his signature hue on his oceanfront retreat, staining the concrete driveway purple and lining the home theater in purple velour.

North Carolina businessman Tom Barnes, who paid $10.8 million for the estate, plans to keep the purple driveway, he told the Wall Street Journal. When he’s not using the getaway spot himself, he plans to rent it out, and considers the Prince-ly touch a likely lure for potential renters.

Prince paid $10.5 million for the property, then shelled out an additional $2.5 million for added parcels to ensure privacy, according to a Star Tribune report in 2018. The property was scheduled to be auctioned last year, with one agent estimating it would fetch at least $15 million. It was not sold, however, and was most recently listed for $11.8 million last December.

Barnes told the Wall Street Journal that he remembers listening to Prince’s 1999 album when he was in 10th grade. “If I could go back and tell that 10th grader that some day he’d buy Prince’s house, his head would probably explode.”