Prince was more than a musical virtuoso; he was a veritable style magnate. Onstage and off, his style transcended narrow gender constructs and pushed boundaries for what fashion means for both men and women.

For Prince, fashion meant Lycra jumpsuits, high-stacked heels, leopard print, bespoke suits and everything in between.

“His image was just as important as the music,” said Stacia Lang, a costume designer for Prince in the early ’90s. “One couldn’t be without the other. The combination made him so powerful.”

Prince seemed to get tired of a look before anyone else had the chance to, whipsawing from a buttoned-up black and white polka dot suit to a butt-baring citron yellow jumpsuit.

“He was a true artist in every sense of the word,” said Sherry Heart, a hairstylist for Prince in the ’90s. “He made a career out of manifesting his fantasy.”