President says drone rules needed

President Obama says the wayward quadcopter that crashed on the White House grounds — flown by an off-duty intelligence employee — shows that the U.S. must take steps to ensure commercial and consumer drones are used safely.

His own administration has lagged on the matter. Both Congress and the drone industry have pressed for rules as the technology of civilian drone use grows swiftly and the small unmanned craft become ever cheaper.

Obama, in a CNN interview from India, likened the 2-foot-long quadcopter that crashed on the White House lawn early Monday to one that could be bought at Radio Shack.

"We don't yet have the legal structures and the architecture … to manage them the way that we need to," Obama said.

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency said the man, still unidentified, is one of its employees. "Even though the employee was using a personal item while off duty, the agency takes the incident very seriously," it said in a statement.

Associated Press