Key to the game: Rogers put in extra time to prepare for the Elks' wing-T running game, only to find out the Elks can move the ball in the air. Quarterback Blake Hills completed all five of his passes, doubling his season total of completions, for 183 yards and two touchdowns.

Big play: Leading 6-0, Elk River faced third-and-13 from its own 18-yard line. On his first pass of the game, Hills found Sam Gibas for 16 yards and a first down. Elk River scored four plays later and the rout was on.

The quote: "I'm not sure I want to go in yet. This is our last regular-season game at home. I might want to go out and roll around on the grass a little." — Elk River senior running back/linebacker Sam Gibas

The Paddle returns: Elk River regained possession of The Paddle, an oar that is the traveling trophy between the two teams. The Paddle did not make the trip to the game, however. "[Rogers coach] Marc [Franz] and I decided not to bring it, just to make sure nothing happened if our kids ran over to try to get it. Rogers is a classy team. We didn't need anything bad to happen."

Jim Paulsen