FORT LAUDERDALE -- Going to be kind of a busy day down here until The Who concert starts later tonight.

First off, we should all congratulate John Randle on getting into the Hall of Fame. Very deserving. The most dominating defensive tackle of the 1990s only had to wait until his second year of eligibility to get in. I feel for the guys like Bears defensive end Richard Dent, who was on his sixth year as a finalist and will no doubt be put through this all over again next year when he's sure to make the final 15 again.

Turning toward tonight's game, I'm like 99 percent of the population it seems. I don't see the Colts losing.

Why? Because I don't think the Colts will choke like the Vikings did in the NFC title game.

The Vikings were the better team. They dominated the Saints, but booted the game away with five turnovers and a minus-4 in turnover margin. I haven't looked it up, but they have to be one of the few teams to ever go minus-4 on the road and still take a playoff game into overtime.

The Colts and Peyton Manning won't throw the game away. They'll have their way with this Saints' defense and will finish them off rather than keep them in the game and then blow it at the end.

Also, the Colts' defense takes a lot of heat. But when Indy was 14-0 (and before it tanked the last two games), the Colts had the No. 2-ranked scoring defense. This is a decent defense, and I'm expecting Dwight Freeney to find a way to play well on that bum ankle tonight.

After two extremely close Super Bowls the past two years, I see the Colts winning 41-31.

Have fun watching the game. I'll try to catch some of the halftime show, but The Who has a tough act to follow after Bruce's show last year in Tampa. 

UPDATE: Glancing through the comments on the earlier post on Randle, I see there are a number of people who don't realize that Carl Eller is in the Hall of Fame and has been there about five years. It always makes the case better to know who's in and who isn't. ... Also, yes, I would have put Cris Carter in before Rickey Jackson. But Rickey wasn't a slouch. One thing people don't understand is no more than FIVE MODERN-ERA CANDIDATES CAN GET IN AT ONE TIME. So to sit there and hear Rod Woodson or Michael Irvin or Steve Young say over and over that they're stunned that so-and-so didn't get in isn't taking the rules into account. It was mentioned about Charles Haley, Cris Carter, Tim Brown, etc., etc. It was a good year for candidates and tough choices have to be made.

And it won't get any easier next year because Deion Sanders and Marshall Faulk will be new to the ballot. I think Curtis Martin will be, too. I'd say Faulk is an automatic and possibly Sanders, too.