Good photographs do not need good weather.


The brief snow flurries last week offered wonderful photo opportunities. Any snowfall does. Ditto rain. A bright sunny day is nowhere near as much fun.


Snow on tree bare branches can create images like etchings or pen and ink drawings. Birds on snowy tree branches are a favorite of mine. Catching falling snow or rain adds dimension to photos that dry days cannot. Birds, for instance, on a background of falling snow are shown in a context a clear day cannot match. It is like seasoning in soup.


I don’t like bright sun for photos. Colors are better in bright overcast. Work in that light eliminates shadows.


Keeping the camera dry can be an issue. I often work shooting birds in our yard through our glass deck doors. (Clean glass helps.) Large plastic bags work. So does shooting from the inside of your vehicle.


Try bird photos in bad weather. It can be surprising.


The snowflakes in the air around this Downy Woodpecker provide a background more interesting than bare sky, and add a story element as well.