Two extras from the end of another rough homestand for the Twins:

    Jose Berrios is going through a sometimes-standard rookie-pitcher break-in period, and he doesn’t seem rattled by it.

    “I felt good today. I felt 100 percent. I felt like it was going to be a good day,” Berrios said after falling to 2-6 in the Twins’ 7-1 loss to Cleveland. “But obviously that wasn’t the case.”

    Berrios insists that he’s the exact same pitcher he was at Class AAA Rochester, and that only the results have changed. “It feels good out there. Same grip, everything,” he said. “It just doesn’t come out the way I want it too.”

    Paul Molitor suggested after the game that he is considering moving Berrios to the bullpen for the rest of the season, rather than make his next start. That idea didn’t enthuse Berrios, but he said he’s agreeable.

     “I’ll keep preparing myself as a starter, but if they do want me to become a reliever, I’ll do it,” he said. “They’ve given me all their support, why would I not do it?”

    Berrios remains a great mystery to the Twins, not because he’s struggling — most rookies do — but because he appeared so dominant at Class AAA and hasn’t shown many glimpses of that ability yet in the majors.


    Byron Buxton made a diving attempt at Roberto Perez’s seventh-inning triple on the center field warning track, but couldn’t hold on. He was feeling the affects afterward. “I feel like I hit the ground harder than when I hit the wall” earlier this season, he said.

    Buxton thought he could reach the ball when he took off after it.  

    “I got a good jump on it, and after that it was a footrace. I went a long way,” he said. “The closer I got to it, the farther it looked like it was drifting, fading away.”

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