On the heels of Dunkin’ Donuts recent arrival in New Hope, Roseville and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, another chain has announced its intentions to conquer the Twin Cities.

Portillo’s, with suburban Chicago roots that reach back to 1963, plans to open a Woodbury outpost (pictured, above, in a provided photo), with a scheduled debut in summer 2017.

The menu? Chicago-style hot dogs, chili cheese dogs, grilled Polish sausages, Italian beef sandwiches, char-broiled burgers, malts and a chocolate layer cake.

(What constitutes a Chicago-style hot dog, you ask? There are strict particulars that must be observed. The frank is an all-beef recipe, the bun is studded with poppy seeds and the toppings include chopped white onions, tomatoes, pickled sport peppers, a dill pickle spear, celery salt and green pickle relish, Do not, under any circumstances, ask for ketchup.)

The company currently operates 46 restaurants, the bulk of which are in the Chicago area. Recent expansion has taken the Portillo’s name into California, Indiana, Florida, Arizona and Wisconsin. And, next year, Minnesota.

The 200-seat counter-service restaurant – at 8450 Hudson Rd., near Cabela’s -- will also feature a drive-through lane and a patio.