Tuesday: When Philly/New York indie darlings Clap Your Hands Say Yeah went on hiatus after two albums, it wasn't so frontman Ounsworth could spend more time gardening. The David Byrne-ian singer is coming to town promoting two records. His official solo debut for Anti- Records, "Mo Beauty," was recorded in New Orleans with a cast of local MVPs including the Meters' George Porter Jr. and Robert Walter of the Grayboy Allstars. It's a sophisticated, inspired collection of vaguely rootsy and rustic songs that has earned lots of airplay on the Current (89.3 FM) and other hip rock stations. He also made a record with friends under the moniker Flashy Python called "Skin and Bones," a wilder and more psychedelic disc (the first track is even titled "Let's Hallucinate Together"). His tour features members of the latter band, but they will be pulling from both albums as well as the CYHSY catalog. (9 p.m. Tue. 18 and older. $13. 400 Bar, 400 Cedar Av. S., Mpls. 612-332-2903 or