Q: I remember “Sea Hunt” quite well, but I seem to remember another scuba show featuring a father-daughter team with the daughter possibly being in her mid-teens. I have had no luck finding anything online.

A: Many TV viewers fondly remember “Sea Hunt,” a syndicated series where Lloyd Bridges played diver Mike Nelson from 1958-61. But there was indeed another scuba show around the same time: “Assignment: Underwater,” with Bill Williams as a diver and boat skipper and Diane Mountford as his daughter, Patty. It aired for a single season in 1960-61. “Sea Hunt,” by the way, had a brief 1987 revival starring Ron Ely as Nelson; on that show Nelson was a widowed father, with Kimberly Sissons as his daughter.

Actor had demons

Q: I watch reruns of “That ’70s Show.” What happened to Lisa Robin Kelly? Someone said she passed away.

A: Kelly, who played Laurie Forman on the Fox sitcom, died in her sleep in 2013, reportedly due to multiple drug intoxication. In 2012 she told ABC News that a drinking problem led to her departure from “That ’70s Show.” (Christina Moore played the role after Kelly.) She was 43 when she died and, according to People magazine, “had a history with illegal substances and was arrested at least four times over the past three years (before her death) for DUI, spousal abuse and assault.”

Taking on other projects

Q: On “NCIS: LA,” Nell Jones revealed she was resigning her position. Why did she do that?

A: Renee Felice Smith, who plays Nell, “wanted to go do other projects for a bit,” I’m told. The show is accommodating to actors wanting to take time off for other efforts; this should is not the last we will see of Smith on the show.


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