Q: Do you have any information why CBS decided to cancel “Man with a Plan”? I always thought it was a steady performer for the network. I still thought it was good and deserved another year.

A: Speaking again about scheduling, CBS apparently thought this show worked best as a late-spring addition to its schedule but found that the numbers did not add up. Even with high-profile star Matt Le­Blanc, the show was far from the most popular comedy on the network and saw a significant decline in its young-adult audience in its most recent season, TVLine reported. The New York Daily News thought that “pricey production costs” were also a factor.

Game show mashup

Q: Back in the day there was a strange show hosted by Ben Stein. Jimmy Kimmel was on the show, as was Colin Quinn and, if memory serves, Adam Sandler. I don’t recall if there was a musical regular. What was the show, when was it on, and is it available in the digital world?

A: I suspect you are mixing two shows. One is “Win Ben Stein’s Money,” a game show he hosted on Comedy Central from 1997 to 2003. The show pitted Stein against regular contestants, and Jimmy Kimmel was the co-host for most of the series. Quinn and Sandler appeared on “Remote Control,” a game show hosted by Ken Ober, which aired on MTV in 1987-90 and in syndication for the last part of that time. Episodes of both shows are on YouTube.


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