Q: There was a TV movie that aired on one of the networks in the late 1970s that dramatized the early days of the Beatles when they were starting to gain fame and playing at various clubs in Hamburg, Germany, and Liverpool, England. I recently watched a movie called “Backbeat” and that wasn’t it. There was also a sort of “what-if” TV special from the 1980s or 1990s portraying what may have happened if John and Paul had gotten back together after the band’s breakup. Unless I am dreaming, I remember that Paul showed up at John’s New York apartment for a visit. Would you have any information on these shows?

A: The first movie you mentioned was “Birth of the Beatles,” from 1979. It managed to include some Beatles songs (performed by a cover band) but, from what I can find, the rights were limited and the only DVD copies I know of are bootlegs, which as a rule I do not recommend. You can see the movie on YouTube. The second production was “Two of Us,” a speculative drama about Paul McCartney and John Lennon getting together in 1976. It is on DVD and on YouTube.

‘Pyramid’ delayed

Q: What happened to “$100,000 Pyramid”? Most of ABC’s other summer game shows are back, but not it.

A: ABC renewed the vintage game show hosted by Michael Strahan for this summer, but production was reportedly delayed because of the pandemic. Many of the shows now on the air were taped before the pandemic forced shutdowns.


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