Q: I am guessing "Grand Hotel" isn't coming back even though they left us hanging! I miss that show! Also, is "A Million Little Things" coming back?

A: One of the drawbacks to the serialization of so many TV shows is that cancellation may leave cliffhangers unresolved. That's the case with "Grand Hotel," which ABC ended in 2019. As for "A Million Little Things," it is indeed returning. Look for new episodes beginning Nov. 19.

'Wayward' never found way

Q: I loved the TV show "Wayward Pines" that ended abruptly about three years ago with no indication of its return. Do you know anything about this show?

A: I know that it aired for two 10-episode seasons on Fox in 2015-16, that it was a weird blend of mystery and fantasy derived from a series of novels by Blake Crouch and it had thriller writer/director M. Night Shyamalan among the people behind it. The cast was also impressive, including Terrence Howard, Hope Davis, Melissa Leo and more. But the response was mixed and a third season has not happened. Still, you can revisit the two seasons on Hulu.

Check Hulu for '24'

Q: Do you know if all episodes of "24" with Kiefer Sutherland are available on any of the streaming services?

A: Hulu has the nine seasons with Sutherland, the eight from its initial run in 2001-10 and the ninth-season revival in 2014 also known as "24: Live Another Day." In addition, Hulu has the 2017 spinoff "24: Legacy" starring Corey Hawkins.

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