Q: This has bothered me for over 50 years. As a child in the 1960s, I saw what I believe was a TV movie that was an odd version of "Cinderella." The fairy godmother was a rather daffy older woman and Cinderella had some sort of an accent. At the end, when Cinderella came to say "goodbye" after she had met the prince and was going to move to the castle, the old woman replied, "I prefer words like 'windowsill' or 'geranium.' " I would love to see this movie again, if it can be found.

A: While it appears the details are slightly different from what you remember, the movie is "The Glass Slipper," a 1955 musical starring Leslie Caron as Ella and featuring Estelle Winwood as Mrs. Toquet, the eccentric woman who serves as the fairy godmother. According to Turner Classic Movies' website, the film originally had a narration by Walter Pidgeon. When the movie came to TV in 1967 on an ABC anthology series, a new narration by Daws Butler was reportedly added. As for finding the movie, it is on DVD and digital download; you can find them on Amazon. And now that you have the title, you can keep an eye for possible telecasts.

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