N.C. can accept votes till Nov. 12

A federal appeals court ruled that North Carolina election officials can continue to accept absentee ballots up to Nov. 12, provided they were postmarked by Election Day. The 12-3 ruling, issued by the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, rejects a Republican appeal to block a ballot deadline extension issued in late September by the North Carolina Board of Elections, which changed the day ballots must be received by election officials from Nov. 6 to Nov. 12. Republicans in the state had argued that the extended deadlines created two sets of rules for voting in North Carolina, an argument the court rejected. “As for applying different rules to different voters, again, the Board’s change does no such thing,” Judge James Wynn wrote. “All voters must abide by the exact same restriction: they must cast their ballots on or before Election Day. The change impacts only an element outside the voters’ control: how quickly their ballots must be received to be counted.”

Biden has a narrow lead in Iowa

Joe Biden has a narrow lead over President Donald Trump in Iowa, a state Trump carried by more than 9 percentage points in 2016, and the high-stakes Senate race there appears even closer, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll. Biden leads Trump 46% to 43% among likely voters in Iowa, with 7% saying they were undecided or refusing to name a preference, according to the survey. Sen. Joni Ernst, a Republican whose re-election race could help determine control of the Senate, is capturing 45% support while Theresa Greenfield, her Democratic opponent, has 44%. Biden, the former vice president, is running stronger in Iowa among seniors and working-class white voters than he is in other similarly Republican-leaning states. Biden is leading among voters 65 and older, 49% to 42%, and he is trailing Trump among white voters without college degrees by only 7 points, 48% to 41%.

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