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Hillary Clinton appeared to leave the door open to another presidential bid during comments made during a podcast taped over the weekend. Asked about a 2020 bid, Clinton initially said "no" and then paused, before saying "no" again. But then she didn't sound so sure, after the interviewer noted the pause. "Well, I'd like to be president," she said.

Former President Barack Obama will join Democrats Andrew Gillum and U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson Friday in Miami for a rally, in the latest sign of just how nationalized the race for Florida governor has become. President Donald Trump is visiting the state twice this week.

Former President Jimmy Carter urged the GOP nominee for Georgia governor, Brian Kemp, to resign as the state's secretary of state, arguing that "public confidence is threatened" by Kemp's dual role as candidate and overseer of the state's elections.

U.S. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp spread nearly $2.7 million of her campaign cash to the North Dakota Democratic Party to help candidates in statewide races. State filings show Heitkamp's contribution last week came just days after her own campaign hauled in about $12.4 million in the first half of October. The flood of cash came after she voted against Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination.

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