A motorist had no stop sign where she fatally ran over a man who stepped into the south Minneapolis intersection "without stopping or looking for traffic," authorities said Tuesday.

Antonio Alcantar-Alcantar, 57, was hit just before 7 a.m. last Wednesday as he walked near his home while crossing E. 26th Street at 14th Avenue S. in Minneapolis.

Savannah James, 31, of Minneapolis, said she was driving her SUV well before sunrise west on 26th within the speed limit before hitting Alcantar-Alcantar in the residential neighborhood, according to police records.

A witness down the block and James told a police officer that Alcantar-Alcantar "came into the intersection" from the driver's left "without looking or stopping for traffic," the records read.

There was no stop sign for the SUV at that intersection, and there are no crosswalk markings.

There was a stop sign for the direction Alcantar-Alcantar was crossing. The Minnesota Department of Transportation's website, citing state law, says "pedestrians must obey traffic signs and signals at all intersections that have them."

Police spokesman John Elder said that "it appears by [the] report that the pedestrian is at fault."