Sworn in Tuesday, Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau moved swiftly to create a new leadership team, announcing the appointment of an assistant chief and four deputy chiefs on Friday.

Two officers who were deputy chiefs under Harteau's predecessor will stay in the department, but not in the top leadership.

The five-member executive team is a diverse one that includes two white women, a black man, an Asian-American man and a white man.

One of the five, Kristine Arneson, is currently a deputy chief, and will continue but with different responsibilities. The others are Matthew Clark, who will become assistant chief; Eddie Frizell and Travis Glampe, who will become deputy chiefs, and Lucy Gerold, who will become a commander. All five assume their new posts on Sunday, Harteau said in an interview.

The two reassigned deputy chiefs, Rob Allen and Scott Gerlicher, came under criticism from Harteau when she testified at a civil trial in August. But Harteau said that the reassignments "had nothing to do" with that case.

"I have been very clear that I am trying to create a team that supports and complements my strengths in moving the department forward," Harteau said.

Allen, a deputy chief for the past six years, will revert to his lieutenant classification and has been assigned to a precinct.

"A new chief has a responsibility to choose a command staff that can move her department forward," Allen said Friday. "And she has done that. She has selected an excellent team and I am excited to be a part of the department during this time."

Gerlicher will be "detailed to captain in charge of the Strategic Information Center," the department's intelligence arm, Harteau said. It will become a commander position, she said.

Harteau called her new executive members "incredibly talented people" who are "experienced, dedicated, professional and progressive and they share my core values."

She said the appointments were phase one in her appointment plans. "In phase two there will be some inspector moves." She said there will also be some organizational restructuring once the commander positions are approved.

Harteau, who was assistant chief under Tim Dolan who retired in November, named Clark her assistant chief. "The assistant chief will be very much overseeing the day-to-day operations, just like I did for Chief Dolan," she said. "He will be my right-hand man."

Clark, who joined the department in 1993, most recently commanded the 5th Precinct in southwest Minneapolis.

Frizell becomes deputy chief for patrol. He joined the department in 1993 and was inspector for the downtown 1st Precinct.

Arneson, a department member since 1986 and most recently deputy chief for the patrol bureau, was named deputy chief of investigations.

Glampe, who joined the department in 1994, becomes deputy chief of professional standards. He most recently oversaw the internal affairs unit.

Gerold, most recently inspector of the 3rd Precinct in south Minneapolis, will head the newly created Leadership and Organizational Development Division. Gerold will become a commander of the division once the position is formally approved.

Harteau said last month that the new division will greatly expand the training of current and incoming police officers.

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