Police say they've "got the guy" who robbed an elderly good Samaritan a few days ago at a St. Paul gas station, breaking the man's leg and wrist in the process.

The 31-year-old suspect was arrested early Saturday evening at a home in the 900 block of Lafond Avenue near Milton Street, said police Sgt. Mike Ernster.

"While investigators were making contact with the residents, the suspect … jumped out of a window and was arrested," Ernster said, noting that the man was not armed.

"Thank you to everyone who called in with tips," police said in a statement announcing the arrest. Ernster said police are not ready to say how they knew where the suspect was, citing the ongoing investigation. He remains jailed pending charges.

Soon after the violent robbery, police released surveillance photos of the suspect at the gas station and asked the public for help in finding him.

Police say the suspect approached the 76-year-old victim at a SuperAmerica gas station Thursday night, saying he was new in town and had no money.

The suspect asked the victim for a ride, and the victim obliged, police said. About five blocksaway, the suspect directed the victim to pull over and drop him off.

The suspect said he couldn't open his door, so the victim got out and opened it from the outside.

He was then attacked from behind by the suspect, Ernster said. The suspect knocked the victim down with his hands and ripped off the man's jacket, which contained his wallet and cellphone.

The victim, who was found lying in the middle of the street, broke his leg and wrist, Ernster said.