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Reporters Chris Hine and Michael Rand talk trends, answer burning questions and look through an analytics lens to find new stories within Minnesota teams.

July 18, 2018
Baseball series illustration. Day 2 about getting young fans attracted to the game. Illustration by Jay St. Pierre,

Listen: How can baseball reinvent itself for today's audience?

As part of the Star Tribune's three-part series on analytics and the future of baseball, Chris Hine, Joe Christensen and Chip Scoggins joined Michael Rand for a discussion about what Major League Baseball gets right and what things it needs to change going forward.
June 15, 2018
Twins infielder Miguel Sano (22) ] MARK VANCLEAVE ï * The first day of full-squad workouts at Twins spring training in

Listen: Of Miguel Sano's many problems, pitch recognition tops the list

Chris Hine and Michael Rand investigate what is wrong with Miguel Sano, talk extensively about how much the Twins have employed defensive shifts this year and ponder how the 2018 Twins season should be framed if they keep going down this disappointing path.
May 31, 2018
Paul Fenton was introduced as the Minnesota Wild General Manager and Alternate Governor. ] Shari L. Gross ï The Minnesota

Listen: What will new GM Paul Fenton do to jump-start the Wild?

On the latest edition of North Score, dedicated to sports analytics and data, Chris Hine and Michael Rand discuss the Wild's offseason and what new Wild GM Paul Fenton's history in Nashville tells us.
May 16, 2018
Twins right fielder Max Kepler checked his positioning card Thursday in Anaheim. “It’s nice to know that … this is where you’re supposed to be

Listen: Decoding the mystery of Twins outfielders and their shifts

Chris Hine and Michael Rand talk about the little cards Twins outfielders look at between hitters that suggest tendencies and help them with their positioning. Also: Good stuff on Max Kepler's success this year, the Vikings and Chris Kluwe making up and some reader questions.
May 3, 2018
Minnesota Wild Eric Staal (12). ] CARLOS GONZALEZ ï ñ April 17, 2018, St. Paul, MN, Xcel Energy Center, NHL, Stanley Cup P

Listen: If we ran the Minnesota Wild, here's what we would do ...

Chris Hine and Michael Rand break down the Wild salary cap and figure out how the new general manager -- whenever the hire is made -- should proceed. .. Also, a look inside why the Twins have been so bad this season and why the Vikings aren't even a lock for the playoffs next year.
April 19, 2018
Minnesota Timberwolves' Jeff Teague, center, shoots between Houston Rockets' Chris Paul, left, and Clint Capela during the second half in Game 1 of a

Listen: Regular-season strengths are playoff weaknesses for Wolves, Wild

On the latest North Score podcast, Chris Hine and Michael Rand discuss the Wolves' offensive inefficiency in the playoffs, the Rockets' three-point shooting, the Wild's inability to create high-quality scoring chances and more.
April 6, 2018
Jeff Teague

Listen: The running of the Wolves and the potential fall of the Wild

On the latest North Score podcast, Chris Hine and Michael Rand look at distance tracking numbers for the Timberwolves and what they tell us about their style. They also look at how the Wild can attempt to adapt to life without Ryan Suter while also dissecting the fly ball phenomenon in Major League Baseball.
March 22, 2018
Listen: Next-level numbers on the Twins and Kirk Cousins

Listen: Next-level numbers on the Twins and Kirk Cousins

Intro: With so many teams having access to complex data, the Twins are looking at two things -- how to get that data to players and how to predict injuries; 14:00: New Twins pitcher Jake Odorizzi doesn't throw hard, but he does throw high. How has he had success pitching that way? 19:00: Breaking down Kirk Cousins' throws by route type to figure out his strengths. 28:00: Gophers hockey and Vikings fans have a math problem (and expectations problem).
February 28, 2018
Timberwolves guard Jimmy Butler (23) needed help to get off the floor Friday in Houston.

Listen: On Jimmy Butler's impact, Logan Morrison's launch angle and more

It's the debut of the North Score podcast, leading off with what the numbers tell us about Jimmy Butler's season with the Wolves.
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