Spectators at the tour opening of "On Cinema at the Cinema" not intimately familiar with the podcast or Adult Swim series must have felt like they were at a foreign movie without subtitles.

Very few among the sold-out crowd at First Avenue Thursday seemed to fit in that category. The enthusiastic fans, mostly white males who looked like they were taking a break from a marathon session of Fortnite, whooped and hollered as comedian Tim Heidecker and his movie geek sidekick Gregg Turkington brought out staples of their cult hit, including a stage version of "Decker," a parody of action heroes; the band DKR, which performed an acoustic version of "Empty Bottle"; and an appearance by Joe Estevez (Martin Sheen's brother) as President Jason Davidson.

It wasn't until the second half of the two-hour show that the gang got down to reviewing movies. While Heidecker and Turkington seemed to have the same enthusiastic reactions to new films  -- "Drunk Parents" is apparently the comedy of the year, if not the decade -- they bicker on just about everything else. The squabbling came to a head over the "Ant-Man" movies (Turkington had a cameo in the first one; Heidecker popped up in the sequel).

The national tour continues through mid-May.