Four days after the blizzard that dumped more than 17 inches on the metro area, plows continued to work on clearing snow from Minneapolis and St. Paul streets.

"Sometimes a street gets forgotten; we're always watching out for that," said St. Paul Council Member Dave Thune in response to reports that plows had missed two short streets in downtown St. Paul. He added that he had received about half a dozen calls from residents about snow removal. "Most of them are pretty happy when we tell them they're next on the list."

By the end of Wednesday, Thune said, all 800 miles of St. Paul streets should be clear. For any complaints, St. Paul residents can call 651-266-8989.

Thune said city crews will concentrate next on removing huge snow piles from street corners.

In Minneapolis, city spokesman Matt Laible said the public works department had addressed all concerns that were forwarded from the city's 311 information line regarding snow removal.

"We did hear some things early on," he said about complaints of streets or alleyways that weren't plowed on Monday. But "we've hit everything" now.

The line received more than 4,600 calls on Monday during the first snow emergency -- three times the normal call volume.

Minneapolis residents who still have concerns about streets can contact 311.

Plows remained out throughout Wednesday night, concentrating on removing snow from downtown.


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