The idea of Pokemon Go, this novice gamer deducted, is to walk around town collecting pokeballs from pokestops and then fling those balls in the direction of monsters that pop up on your virtual map.

Pokestops are typically at major landmarks, a category into which stadiums and arenas firmly fall.

Target Field may not have witnessed many baseball victories lately, but the landmark is certainly winning the poke-battle with its fellow Minneapolis sports venues

Target Center has its share of Spearows and Rattatas lurking in the shadows. And the University of Minnesota is not the poke-Siberia I originally believed it was before my app refreshed: there were Weedles and Pidgeottos and Drowzees to be found from Mariucci Arena to the Sports Pavilion to Williams Arena and especially around TCF Bank Stadium.

But none of these fertile grounds could compete with Target Field, a relative poke-playground for the poke-inclined.