Marshall moves up

Rich tradition

Duluth Cathedral, the school’s name until 1987, dominated the 1960s private school scene. Still known as the Hilltoppers, they won five consecutive state Catholic tournament titles from 1965 to ’69. Current Duluth East coach Mike Randolph starred on the final three championship teams.


Recent success

The Hilltoppers placed second at the Class 1A state tournament three consecutive times from 2006-08 under current head coach Brendan Flaherty.


Sending a message

Flaherty believes other teams “could easily make the jump [to Class 2A] and for whatever reason have decided to stay where they are.” Was Flaherty referring to Hermantown coach and friend Bruce Plante? The Hawks have reached the past six Class 1A title games, losing them all. “We respect each other and we like each other, but we do have different philosophies,” Flaherty said.