If you have a vintage pink bathroom, you've probably pondered how to freshen it up. Here are experts' tips:

Color: New paint, towels and accent pieces can go a long way toward updating a pink bathroom. If you want white, make it a creamy white, said Pam Kueber, publisher of "Save the Pink Bathrooms."

She also likes bold neutrals that can hold their own against pink, such as chocolate or strong gray to complement the chrome that often comes with '50s bathrooms.

If you want to go bolder, consider turquoise, "to put some pop into it," Carlson said. Kueber likes geranium red, to amp up the pink. "There's not a lot of hiding the pink bathroom," she said.

Wallpaper: "I'm a big fan of wallpaper to pull colors together," Kueber said. But if you want to go retro, keep in mind that it can be difficult to find authentic '50s patterns. "There's a lot of retro wallpaper, but it tends to fall into the '60s, with big flowers and geometric shapes," said designer Carri Carlson, Array Kitchen & Bath. "The '50s design was finer, the lines narrower and the colors weren't the same."

Shower statement: Because it's such a large surface, a shower curtain can function like a piece of art. So it's worth investing in one you really like. If you can't find a ready-made shower curtain that enhances the retro charm of your pink bathroom, shop for fabric and make one or have it made for you, Kueber said.

Safety first: Before remodeling your vintage bathroom, consult with experts to make sure you understand any lead, asbestos or wiring concerns. "Get educated on safety and environmental issues," Kueber said. And if you're replacing a shower door, make sure it's tempered glass.