A half-dozen cool things in music, from two points of view:

Kraftwerk, Myth. Despite the perplexing absence of founder Florian Schneider, the quartet thrilled its faithful fans -- many of whom weren't alive during the last Twin Cities gig in 1975 -- with the synthetic electronic sound of techno pop from four decades.

"The Best of Soul Train," Channel 5, Saturday nights at 4 a.m. Don Cornelius presents "60 nonstop minutes across the tracks of your mind into the exciting world of soul." Sadly unavailable on DVD, it's a window into 1970s music, dancing and fashion.

MC/VL. What began as an homage to a simpler time in hip-hop when being licensed to ill made you tougher than leather, the trio of Mighty Clyde, Vicious Lee and Professor BX has evolved its show into a combination house party/assault on your viscera.



Bruce Springsteen salutes Danny Federici, Tampa. In his first concert since the death of his longtime keyboardist, the Boss started with a video tribute and then shone a spotlight on Danny's unmanned organ and accordion. "We better get this right," said the star. "Somebody's watching."

Kanye West's blog. After laying low following his mother's death, he's back blogging (kanyewest.com) with a vengeance -- about his favorite buildings, clothes, women, Perez Hilton and even funniest Mike Tyson moments on YouTube. Enlightening and fun.

"Unsatisfied," Spin. Paul Westerberg breaks a "cardinal rule" and allows a writer into his house to talk about the Replacements' reissues. Westerberg wears a SpongeBob hat, plays hockey and explains that a reunion gig would feature a different drummer and guitarist on each song.