A controversial move makes people talk about American Idol for a moment, just as that one decision last year about that one singer made people mad until the next week, when the other singer was allowed to stay. Reuters recaps:

Pia Toscano was sent packing from "American Idol" on Thursday in an elimination that drew booing from the audience and visibly angered the judges.

 Toscano's surprising elimination after the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-themed week mentored by will.i.am left eight finalists fighting it out to win season 10 of the hit TV talent show.

 A clearly upset judge Jennifer Lopez buried her face in her hands and said "I have no idea what just happened here. I'm shocked. I'm angry."

 Veteran judge Randy Jackson echoed her words, saying "This makes me mad". He told Toscano, who switched from her usual ballads to an up-tempo performance this week, "You're one of the best singers in here."

C’mon, you don’t think they knew ahead of time? People! This entire show is rigged! Fake as three-dollar bill! How do I know? Uh . . . I have sources. In the entertainment industry. Catering, okay, but they hear things. Actually, no, I don’t know if it’s all scripted in advance. But they do have quick-fingered writers. Remember the show where Casey was saved, even though it meant 11 singers on the tour instead of ten? Which had never happened? And no one ever thought they’d use the save that early in the season? Go back to the moment when Casey was saved:

You can’t see if very well in this clip, but when he goes down to hug his parent at 2:24, you can see the teleprompter screen with the script about what this save means, a line Ryan doesn’t get around to reading until 4:10. This either means A) it’s all planned in advance, or B) someone was frantically typing to prepare copy for Ryan Seacrest to read, so he didn’t stand there helpless. 

No, I don't think it's rigged. It's just interesting to see how fast they adjusted to that unexpected turn of events. That's all. Really. 

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