Larry Jones, 18, recently graduated from Phoenix High, a state approved alternative program operated by Volunteers of America-Minnesota. Jones, who is the father of a three-year-old son, had done poorly at another Minneapolis high school and had been in danger of failing. But after coming to Phoenix Jones was encouraged to work hard and believe in himself and his intelligance by prinicpal Sonal Redd and other staff members. As he neared graduation, Redd learned that Jones was an accomplished two-step dancer and she asked Jones to teach her. “He’s a big guy but he’s light on his feet,” Redd said. “He floats on the dance floor.” To repay Redd for encouraging him to graduate and challenging him, Jones gave Redd several private two-step lessons. A grateful Jones will be heading to college at MCTC soon. “They (Redd, teachers and staff) acted like my moms and scared the hell out of me,” he said. “I can honestly say I’m gonna miss this school. I’m still gonna come back and visit.”