Newly crowned Rookie of the Year Carlos Correa was the first player chosen in baseball's 2012 draft. It's still possible for the second pick of that draft to earn the top rookie honor, too. A player forfeits rookie eligibility once he exceeds 130 at-bats, pitches 50 innings or spends 45 days on the 25-man roster, according to MLB rules. But September games (when the roster is expanded to 40) and time on the disabled list do not count toward the 45-day maximum.

Byron Buxton spent 13 days with the Twins in June before going on the DL, and 12 more after being recalled from Rochester in August, which means he stayed well below the 45-day limit. And his at-bats? Buxton had 129 — just one fewer than the maximum allowed.

The Twins confirmed Buxton's status with Major League Baseball, just to be certain. It matters to the team not for any competitive reason, but for commercial ones — promoting a player as the league's top rookie helps draw attention and sell tickets. And fans certainly respond enthusiastically to the addition of promising young talent, as Miguel Sano, Eddie Rosario and Tyler Duffey proved.

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