What will the Vikings do when Adrian Peterson is a 32-year-old running back with an $18 million cap hit next season?

Some of that could depend on what happens this season. But for now, we're trying to sort it out. To do so, we asked Joel Corry of CBS Sports about Peterson on this week's Access Vikings podcast. Corry is a former player agent who is now a salary cap expert.

"They can afford it for one reason: They don't have a quarterback at that cap number. ... So as long as he's producing and he's still the best running back in football, you can keep him at that cap number," Corry said. "The problem is that market has become depressed ever since he did his deal and Chris Johnson (did his). He sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the running back market. But if he does what he did last year or better you can live with it mainly because you don't have that big quarterback number sitting out there."

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