Vikings running back Adrian Peterson kind of tweets like he runs: Aggressively and with a lot of exclamation points.

On Friday, Peterson floated the idea of changing his uniform number from 28 to either 23 or 21. He did this via his Twitter account, @Adrian Peterson.

Today, Peterson has been tweeting with the zest of an powerful All-Pro running back looking for a little defensive back to run over.

Tweeted Peterson: "So here is the deal with the number change! So I received a call and I was informed that I would've to buy all jerseys that's been produced ... Thus far! N the total amount that I would have to pay blew my mind!!!!!"

Peterson says someone, whom he didn't name, told him it would cost a million bucks to make the change. That sounded a tad high, even for a guy who stands to make up to $100 million over the next seven years. (Don't you just hate it when someone tries to charge you $1 million to change your shirt?).

Reebok has handled NFL jerseys in recent years. Players who switch numbers have to pay Reebok a refund for existing jerseys.That could change under Nike, which is taking over the NFL jersey business in 2012.

Tweeted Peterson: "When it comes to top sales ! Why in the hell do I have to pay a Million dollars to change my number! I don't even get paid a million When it comes to top sales ! Why in the hell do I have to pay a Million dollars to change my number! I don't even get paid a million  Dollars by my sponsors a year! Wow!!!

"I have to pay a Million Bucks! Somebody's winning in that situation & ITs not me! So clearly with that said I won't be changing my number This years!"

One of Peterson's followers apparently piped up and told him to pipe down.

Tweeted Peterson: "Someone just hit me saying stop crying! Lol I'm sharing my thoughts! I thought that's what twitter was all about."

Ahh, if only Twitter had been around back in the 70s when the Raiders were getting ready for the Super Bowl.

Peterson said, er, tweeted that the reason he wears No. 28 is his high school didn't have his preferred number, 29, which he liked because he admired Eric Dickerson. Peterson said, er, tweeted that he would like to change his number to 1, but was told only quarterbacks can wear that number. He then tweeted that if he had his choice, he'd switch to No. 23. 

Peterson also tweeted that he'd pay 10 grand to switch numbers. But a million bucks? No way. So we know he's smart and talented.