JAKARTA, Indonesia — Indonesian state-owned oil and gas company Pertamina said Friday that it had contained an oil spill from a tanker leak in the eastern province of North Maluku.

An oil tanker carrying 7,000 kiloliters (1.8 million gallons) of gasoline and diesel fuel crashed into a jetty while unloading at an oil terminal in Ternate, the province's capital, late Tuesday, breaking one of the ship's 12 storage compartments.

Ali Mundakir, a Pertamina spokesman, said Friday that the accident caused some fuel to leak from the compartment into the water, but that not all of it spilled. The exact amount that leaked remains unclear.

The company has worked since Wednesday to contain the spill and help minimize damage to the environment, Mundakir said.

He said the company was now preparing to evacuate the tanker, MT Patriot Andalan, which was chartered by Pertamina to transport the fuel from Wayame in neighboring Maluku province to Ternate.

"Pertamina has set up a team to anticipate its impact on the environment," said local Pertamina official Bagus Handoko. "The oil spill has not yet reached the shore, but can damage the coral reefs if not handled well."