#Oldfriend Master Tesfatsion, who was part of our Vikings coverage team at the Star Tribune a few years back, is doing some cool things with Bleacher Report.

His latest video episode of “Untold Stories,” a casual series where he shoots pool and shoots the breeze with former players (Clinton Portis and Michael Vick were the first two) is with former Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin.

There were plenty of headlines from this earlier in the week when it was first released, as Harvin said he got high before every game he played in his career and also confirmed that he punched Seattle teammate Golden Tate before the Super Bowl. The vast majority (54 of 75 games) of Harvin’s career came with the Vikings, so he still carries a lot of water around here.

As such, an outtake Master put out Friday about Harvin’s time with the Vikings and his trade before the 2013 season feels particularly relevant on multiple levels.

“If I had to redo that all over again … my best years were with Minnesota,” Harvin said, reflecting on the turbulent time that led up to his trade. He added later: “If I just would have stayed put and been able to control (things) a little more, my career would have been a lot more consistent.”

Harvin had 29 of his 32 career touchdowns (rushing, receiving and returns) with the Vikings, scoring a single regular-season touchdown with his three other teams (Seattle, Buffalo and the Jets).

He became disenchanted with his role and place with the Vikings along the way — which seemed to boil over in 2012 when he had a dominant first half of the season but was quickly overshadowed by Adrian Peterson’s 2,097 rushing yards. (Seriously, Harvin was the team MVP for the first half of that 10-6 season).

Harvin never played another down for the Vikings after being shut down halfway through that year — ostensibly for an injured ankle but also, per rumblings at the time, because he was unhappy — and traded in March 2013.

Harvin seemed to confirm a lot of that in his Bleacher Report interview.

“If I had just stayed there and just realized the pecking order was going to come — I wanted to skip the pecking order and say, ‘Hey, I’m this and that, making such and such plays and I deserve this,'” Harvin said. “I got humbled very, very quickly. You go through the trades and all that, you’re in a new city and you have to … hope the city embraces you.”

Harvin wasn’t speaking into the camera directly at Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs, but the two situations sure seem similar. Diggs is frustrated with the state of the Vikings’ offense, and Thursday he offered a vague but telling quote “there’s truth to all rumors” when addressing speculation that he wants to be traded.

(This would be a good time to remind you not to trust anything the Vikings say on this matter. It was mid-February 2013 when GM Rick Spielman said, “We have no intent of trading Percy Harvin,” and less than a month later he was gone).

That’s not to say that Diggs wouldn’t have success if he was traded or that the situations are exactly the same. It’s not even to say that both Harvin and Diggs shouldn’t have been featured more in the respective offenses they were/are in with the Vikings.

But the grass-is-greener sentiment and the pecking order thoughts from Harvin could be things for Diggs to apply to his own situation.

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