David Jones is a sports writer for pennlive.com and the Harrisburg [Pa.] Patriot-Ledger. He's witty and insightful … an elite combination.

This revelation came when a tweet appeared in my file that carried Jones' traditional column in which he rated the effort of the 14 coaches at the Big Ten football preview that took place Monday and Tuesday in Chicago.

Jones listed the coaches from bottom-to-top, starting with 14-Lovie Smith, Illinois; 13-Chris Ash, Rutgers; and 12-Paul Chryst, Wisconsin. And then comes No. 11 on Jones' list: P.J. Fleck.

This was the start of Jones' assessment of the new Gophers football coach:

"I'm pretty sure I bought 25 super-absorbent towels from this guy. He was wearing a head mic at the York Fair and he targeted me walking by and wouldn't leave me alone. So, I just eventually bought his product so he'd stop talking. Who knew he'd become the Minnesota head football coach?"