The Traveler: Kristine Haertl of Blaine.

Kylemore Abbey, in Ireland's County Galway, has housed Benedictine nuns since 1920, when a group fled Belgium during World War I. The beautiful place of refuge includes the abbey, a neo-Gothic church and Victorian walled gardens; they are currently closed due to COVID-19. Haertl, a St. Kate's professor, shot this when she was in Galway to present at a conference. "The serene beauty and rich color of the Kylemore Abbey and surrounding Victorian walled gardens bring one to spiritual reflection of the rich history there, faith, and the majesty that surrounds the castle and grounds of the monastery," Haertl wrote in an e-mail. "Though Ireland can be damp during all seasons, given the high level of precipitation, the rains give rise to the splendor of the country."

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