Gov. Tim Pawlenty's PAC is picking up on the health care overhaul where his official communique left off.

On Wednesday, he sent out an email from his Freedom First PAC  proclaiming, "I think we should sue and we should do everything in our power to repeal this bill."

Monday, he sent a letter from his gubernatorial office to Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson, a Democrat, respectfully requesting that she review the health care law. She said, essentially, that was a premature request.

Wednesday, he sent out his by any means necessary email. His political email came the day after former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney, another possible 2012 Republican presidential candidate, used his Free and Strong America PAC to announce, " a new initiative at my Free and Strong America PAC called "Prescription for Repeal." Over the coming weeks and months, my PAC will be providing GOP candidates with the support and funding they need to defeat Democrats who supported ObamaCare."

Here's the complete message Pawlenty sent Wednesday:


After Democrats voted to pass an over-reaching, extraordinarily expensive, government-centric health care plan, many Americans are grasping for a way to stop it.

“Repeal it,” some say. “Sue,” say others. “Stop talking about health care; it’s not politically smart,” I’ve been warned.

Now, as a conservative Governor in Minnesota, I’ve never cowered to warnings that the right policy is not politically smart. I think we should sue and we should do everything in our power to repeal this bill.
This week, I sent a letter to our state’s Attorney General asking that she review the legality of the federal mandate that requires every individual and business to buy insurance (or pay a fine) and join a dozen other states that are suing to stop it.

Never before has such a sweeping federal mandate been enacted.
How are you fighting back? Please share any recommendations you have to turn back this bill.

Tim Pawlenty
Freedom First PAC