On his much pitched Facebook town hall Wednesday night, Gov. Tim Pawlenty will lend his support to a series of Republican candidates for congress.

Among them, according to a Pawlenty aide, U.S. House candidates Pat Meehan and Tom Burns, both of Pennsylvania, Bob Dold, of Illinois, Sean Duffy, of Wisconsin and, Charles Djou, of Hawaii. He will also give a formal nod to U.S. Senate candidates John Hoeven, of North Dakota, and Pat Toomey, of Pennsylvania, both of whom he'd previously given some support, the aide said.

While the endorsements avoid wading into heavily contest GOP fights -- note: no endorsement in Florida's Senate race --  they are not without some risk.

Illinois' Dold for instance, calls himself "pro-choice" and says he is "a fiscal conservative and a social moderate." But Pawlenty's nod isn't too risky, Dold has been endorsed by anti-abortion groups because he opposes federal funding for abortion and has support from some of those involved in the fiscally conservative Tea Party.

Pawlenty previously endorsed Minnesota's three Republican incumbent members of congress; Senate candidates Roy Blunt  in Missouri;  Rob Portman in Ohio and Richard Burr in North Carolina.

He also supported Mass. Republican Scott Brown's successful run for the Senate and gave his very first PAC political donation to New York Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman in his failed run for the U.S. House.