Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty today named longtime aide Bob Schroeder as his new chief of staff and elevated two other veterans of the governor's office to deputy chief of staff positions.

NO LONGER A VOLUNTEER: Schroeder left a five-year stint as Pawlenty's deputy chief of staff last June and has been helping the governor with his political efforts on a volunteer basis since. Schroeder replaces Matt Kramer, who left the governor's office last month to work at the University of Minnesota. Schroeder will make $119,997 annually, just under the governor's yearly salary of $120,311. Pawlenty communications director Brian McClung and senior adviser Paul Anderson both will become deputy chiefs of staff but will not see a bump in their salaries with their new titles.

McClung will continue to make $103,502 per year, while Anderson still will pull down $93,793.

In a news release, Pawlenty called Schroeder a "seasoned leader with experience and good judgment."

Schroeder will be the fifth chief of staff Pawlenty has had during his seven years as governor.