Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty's put another 2012 puzzle piece in place -- he has set up state fundraising committees in the early presidential voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

The new state political action committees allow him to contribute to those states' candidiates under the rules of those states. Last year he setup the federal Freedom First PAC, which he's used to contribute to some federal candidates and fund his own political operation.

Pawlenty has repeatedly said he would decide whether to run for president until early 2011 but all his moves -- his national travel, his federal PAC, his candidate endorsements, his new state PACs. even his appearance last week on the Daily Show -- point to a run.

The Minnesota governor has twice visited Iowa and New Hampshire in the last six months and has a trip planned to early voting South Carolina. Pawlenty plans to picnic with New Hampshire Republicans on July 10.

Pawlenty is currently in California where he is doing fundraising for his federal PAC.  The west coast trip included a luncheon with former Fingerhut exec Ted Deikel.

Pawlenty, whose Minnesota public events schedule frequently includes the line "No Public Events Scheduled" these days,  will return to Minnesota Thursday.