The Democratic National Committee filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to gather information on Gov. Tim Pawlenty and eight other 2012 potential Republican presidential hopefuls.

Pawlenty responded with a little information gathering of his own.

The Minnesota governor announced Thursday he was filing a FOIA request for documents detailing the DNC’s communication with the Department of Health and Human Services over the health reform bill.

The request will ask for documents relating to promotional health reform advertisements, DNC polling and the DNC’s role promoting the legislation, according to a statement released by his Freedom First political action committee.

“Since they asked, and since they are so worried, I have some questions of my own,” Pawlenty said in a statement. “For example, what was the DNC's role in selling Obamacare? Did Obama's political advisers know the true costs of Obamacare?"

The DNC has requested documents showing correspondence between military agencies and Pawlenty, as well as the other potential 2012 contenders, including former Govs. Sarah Palin of Alaska, Mitt Romney of Massachusetts and Mike Huckbaee of Arkansas.

The DNC’s document request is a sign that the Democrats consider Pawlenty a serious presidential contender, and that the party is already gathering intel for the presidential race in 2012 – even with the midterms still five days away.

Pawlenty's FOIA fight is the second jab he's taken at President Obama and the Democrats this month: Pawlenty posted a "welcome" video when Obama came to Minnesota that blasted his policies while cheerily explaining Minnesota phrases.