Gov. Tim Pawlenty found some time Monday night to chat with NBC about former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney, the RNC-sponsored trip to a sex-themed night club and his planned Facebook chat.

After dissing the Massachusetts health care plan in New Hampshire, he said on the show that he didn't hold Romney, a possible 2012 rival, responsible for it.

"Gov. Romney is a friend of mine...had he been governor these last four years, I think he would have made some adjustments to this program," Pawlenty said.

Pawlenty also said RNC chairman Michael Steele wasn't completely responsible for the $2,000 the RNC spent at the California club that specializes in bondage and S & M scenes.

"This situation in California is just an boneheaded situation. Somebody made a awful judgement. It doesn't look like chairman Steele had any knowledge, involvement or awareness of it. He did the right thing in firing the person who was responsible," he said.

(Flashback: Pawlenty's last public use of the word "boneheaded" was to describe the decision to buy pricey flat-screened TVs for a Minnesota sex offender lock up.)

"Boneheaded" might be a bit too strong to describe Pawlenty's own mess-up on the show. When a host tried to pitch the governor's Wednesday Facebook appearance, the governor got the day wrong.

"We understand you are having a Facebook town hall tomorrow," NBC's Savannah Guthrie said.

"It's tonight," Pawlenty said.

But really, no, it is tomorrow -- Wednesday night.


On his Facebook page, Pawlenty fessed up to getting the day wrong:

Tim Pawlenty If you saw me on MSNBC this morning plugging my Facebook town hall, then you might have heard I got my days mixed up and said the wrong day.
To be clear: It’s not tonight. It’s Wednesday night at 6:15 PM Central.
I hope you can join us then for a good discussion.


Here's the video:



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