We’ve been having a tough time getting the kids to bed the past several weeks. Sometimes the process goes on over an hour and we are beyond exhausted.  Tired of the long drawn out good nights, we thought we’d fall back on our old standby, the beloved “Lullaby CD” 

The kids listened to it during their early years. We sadly retired the CD when Ben informed me of his disdain for The Rainbow Connection, sung by Kermit the Frog. (you may remember that post - The Truth Comes Out) 
I had asked him at the time, “Why don’t you like that song?” He had said, “Sad frog, log.” He was referring to the opening scene of The Muppet Movie where Kermit wistfully sings the song perched on a log in the swamp.  Perhaps it was too bittersweet for him.
I thought I’d try again now and ask his 4 year old self why he didn’t like the song.
“I don’t like the man in the boat.”
“You don’t like the man in the boat? Ohhhhh, you don’t like Dom DeLuise? ”
(If you’re unfamiliar with The Muppet Movie, Dom DeLuise rows up in a boat right after Kermit finishes singing. btw: RIP Dom.) 
“But I really don’t like the aggilator.”
“The aggilator? Oh, the alligator ...) 
(There’s an alligator in the swamp too. Now we’re getting somewhere.)
“But, it’s okay honey, the alligator doesn’t hurt anyone, he’s just a puppet. “
I decided to pop the CD in the player again hoping the song would no longer be upsetting.  
As soon as Ben heard the familiar strums of Kermit’s banjo something clicked.
“Hey, that means its bedtime, hurry Vivian!”  He ran like a blur and dove under his covers. 
His little sister mimicked him and ran to her room too.
Peter and I looked at each other in mouths agape in amazement.  Why didn’t we think of this earlier?
That night we all had a good night’s sleep, just like The Rainbow Connection.  
“The lovers the dreamers and me….”