Paula Deen might have cooked herself up another scandal.

The disgraced former Food Network show host posted a photo on Twitter on Tuesday that included herself dressed up as Lucille Ball in a parody of the 1950s sitcom “I Love Lucy” and her son Bobby in brownface makeup as Ricky Ricardo.

The caption mocked Ricky’s Cuban accent, reading: “Lucyyyyyyy! You got a lot of esplainin’ to do!”


It wasn’t long before Deen deleted the post, but not before Twitter users took notice.

Two years ago, the Food Network cut ties with the “Paula’s Best Dishes” and “Paula’s Home Cooking” host for her use of the N-word. She later started a cooking show on the web.

Bobby, along with his brother Jamie, have started filming for their own Food Network show named “Southern Fried Road Trip,” which has yet to be scheduled.

The network has not yet responded to TheWrap’s requests for comment.