"When all is said and done, the weather and love are the two elements about which one can never be sure," wrote Alice Hoffman. I am sure of this: Our reaction to the weather varies with the seasons.

Why does 40 degrees feel like punishment in October, but in mid-February it's a sweet relief? It all depends on what you've just enjoyed (or endured). We are hard-wired to respond to weather, not climate. Our reaction to its vagaries depends on what we just muddled through, where we've been.

But, you ask, where are we going, Oh Clueless Sage? The sun is as high in the sky today as it was on Oct. 26, when the high at MSP was 59. Lingering snow and a steady IV-drip of Canadian air will tap the brakes on warm fronts, but a few 40s are likely by late week. There may be a little spring in your step by Friday.

The pattern isn't ripe for storms with names close to home anytime soon. A few rain showers may sprout Friday; clippers dropping nuisance snowfalls late Sunday and next Wednesday.

Saturday was the 10th day of subzero temps this winter. The average number is 23.