Worldwide, July was the hottest on record. August will be, too. We live in our bubbles, but keeping a global perspective on weather and climate trends is important.

Minnesota's growing season is at least two weeks longer now than it was a generation ago. That's not a climate model; that's based on actual observations. Spring arrives earlier, warmth lingers deeper into fall — not every year, but with a warm El Niño phase in the Pacific turbocharging the warming already underway, I see a mild bias lasting into winter. Famous last words.

We'll have one more hint of July today with low 80s and T-storms, a small share of which may turn severe. It's unusual for late September but hardly unprecedented. We cool into the 60s Friday, and I'm nervous about Saturday's forecast. Nothing new. NOAA models bring a second wave of rain into Minnesota Friday night and early Saturday, but the ECMWF (European) hints at rapid clearing Saturday, with a fairly nice day.

Seventies return next week, with maybe 80s the last weekend of September? An extra month of summer this year. Nice.