Perspective is elusive, especially when you’re in a tight spot. Our weekend cold wave was noteworthy, coming after a balmy autumn and start to winter. Tuesday was our ninth subzero morning. During an average winter we enjoy 22½ nights below zero. So far, 126 hours below zero this winter at MSP.

At least there are no active volcanoes upwind. Susie Martin is a meteorologist at Aeris Weather. Her mom lives in San Jose, Costa Rica, one of the lushest, most desirable spots on Earth. But the Poás Volcano keeps sputtering nearby, raining down a continuous drizzle of ash. “You have no idea how bad the air is today. The volcano erupted again and there is ash everywhere,” Elisa Martin e-mailed. So we have that going for us.

While the East Coast freaks out over Snowmageddon, The Sequel (some 1-2 foot snow amounts possible this weekend) Minnesota’s weather remains relatively tranquil. An inch of snow is possible late Thursday; highs hit 30 from Saturday into most of next week.

A modest warming trend — and no volcanic ash in sight.